cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3
cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3
cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3


Playstation 3 Cheat Codes

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    cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3


    Playstation 3 Computer Entertainment Center and Video Game Console

    Review Of PS3 Online

  • HOME

  •      The Sony Playstation 3 Home Entertainment Computer at first was labeled a "Next Gen" Video game console. Soon after the PS3 hit the market many found it to be full computer entertainment center and began to experiment with some of it's capabilities. Many gamers and "techees" quickly discovered that the more they found they could do with the Playstation 3 the more they realized that they were only scratching the surface. Some did the obvious by installing second operating systems on the Ps3 so they could word process and use it as a computer as well as a game console. Some hooked up massive external drives and discovered that music, videos, and movie storage and accessibility was a snap. Others who didn't immediately install Sony's Yellow Hat created by Terra Soft, found that surfing the net was as simple as using there PC with the PS3's original Firmware and that music, videos etc...could just as easily be downloaded from the internet to their PS3 internal harddrive or to the external harddrive.

         At first games produced for the Playstation 3 were released at a snails pace, now the games are being released at a limping bunny's pace, which is still much better then a fast snail. But the termendous capabilities of the ps3 including the ability to watch, stream movies, and play internet games keep the Diehard PS3 fans busy during the short breaks between new game releases.

         The year 2008 brings the light at the end of "Falmouth Caverns" which is brighter for the Sony Playstation 3. For almost a year many PS3 owners fell victim to ridicule and shame for purchasing their PS3. Many Xbox 360 owners claimed the 360 to be king of the hill based solely on 360 sale numbers. What the ps3 owners knew that the 360 owners did not was that sales numbers don't mean a thing when one system (the 360) had been released a full year prior to the PS3. And sales numbers don't reflect the quality of the system. Here it is April 2nd 2008, and the PS3 has sold over 10 million consoles since it's release in November of 2006. HiDef Blueray has officially won the Blueray Movie Format war and Games are getting bigger and bigger on the Blueray Disk. Ultimately what many have learned in the past year is that there shouldn't be wasted gaming time on which system is the best because none of the latest systems are in the same catagory. Microsoft's Xbox 360 is a video and gaming console. The Sony PS3 is a HiDef Computer Entertainment Center. The Wii is just plain fun.

    Playstation 3 Specifications

    The following specifications are based on the U.S. PS3 60 gig, 80gig models

    • Hidef BlueRay Player Capable of reading BD ps3 games, BD-ROM, BD-R , and BD-RE.
    • Plays DVDs, DVDr/rw,CD, Super audio cd, CDr/rw, AVCHD
    • 8 Core Cell BroadBand Processor
    • Nvidia RSX Graphics processor with 256 dedicated graphics memory
    • 2.5 Serial Internal harddrive which can be replaced and upgraded with any brand fitting these specs.
    • (60gig ) 4 Highspeed USB 2.0 ports
    • Input/output- Memory stick, sd memory card, Compact flash
    • Built in Wireless internet and networking
    • Bluetooth wireless remotes
    • Works with wireless bluetooth headsets
    • Playstation 3 games are produced on Blue-ray PS3 format ROM capable of up to 50 gigs of storage. Many games being released in the 3rd quarter and fourth quarter are reported to be over 40 gig in size.
    • HDMI 1.3 output True 1080p HiDef
    • ***PSP Remote play ability (some new games will be playable through remote play from the ps3 streamed top the psp via the psn network
    • The internal 60 gig 80gig hard drive- capable of storing Ps2 memory card game saves, photo, movies, music etc…
    • Ability to hook up external hard drives, and jump drives- stream from and veiw or listen to or transfer music, photos, videos, etc……to the ps3 . Playstation 3 Solutions
    • Key board and mouse abilities
    • Printer ability
    • Text chat, video chat, and voice chat availible
    • Surf anywhere on the net like any computer (PS3 Has it's own web browser)
      • With the PS3 you can Check your email or log into your aim and start messeging your friends
      • You can stream movies direct from the internet and watch them on the TV. You can even download directly to the ps3 or attached external hard drive almost all movie formats to save and watch at a later time without worries about format conversions.
    • 200+ PS3 game titles currently available. Estimated 370 more by Dec. including Haze , Killzone, Little big Planet, MGS4, Final Fantasy, etc.....
    • The ability to play Ps1 games and ps2 titles (60 Gig hardware based and 80 gig software emulation based)
    • To date, 1 million PS3 owners are actively using their PS3s to help find a cure for cancer and other deseases through Standford Universities Folding at Home project

    Now for the Downside

    The one major aspect the ps3 that is missing is the ability to do what every computer should have done on a regular basis and that is harddrive maintenance.
    I find myself hesitating before deleting old videos and game demos from the PS3 internal hard drive.

    This is not a donwside but a cool upside. ***REMOTE PLAY-It wasn't long before PS3 users soon discovered the great feature of Remote Play. Remote Play allows users to access and stream media directly from their ps3 to their Playstation Portables (PSP). The possiblilities of this unique feature seemed endless considering most PSP users were growing tired of swapping out memory cards to access gigs and gigs of stored music and videos to carry with them on trips or to the homes of friends. Remote Play allows PSP user to be hundreds of miles away from their PS3s and still be able to access all the content on stored on their ps3 and any content stored on external drives hooked up to the Playstation 3. Well with terrabit drives coming down in price PSP owners were able to take hundreds of movies and thousands of tunes on the road with them without carting a duffel bag full of memory cards. Just be in a wireless Hot spot, coffee shop, friends house , or hotel and you'll all set.


    cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3



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    cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3


    cheat codes for sony playstation 3 video game systems and PS3 games and reviews for Playstation3